Ohio Hub Passenger and Freight Rail Development

Andrew Bremer
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In recognition that the current state of transportation in the state of Ohio requires bold action and strategic investment in Ohio\'s rail infrastructure and that fuel prices, congestion, and overall lack of mobility have degraded Ohio\'s competitiveness over recent years, we the undersigned urge Ohio\'s political leadership to pursue the development of the Ohio Hub Plan as pursued by the Ohio Rail Development Commission. We recognize the ability of rail development to provide economic development opportunities through increased capacity for passenger as well as freight movement. Over the Ohio Hub Plan\'s 30-year life, the benefit/cost analysis estimate nearly $9 billion in user benefits and resource savings with $4.9 billion in costs including capital, maintenance, and operating expenses, producing a 1.8 benefit/cost ratio. More specifically, the Ohio Hub Plan will: - Create 16,700 permanent jobs which is equivalent to more than 500,000 person years of work; - Raise the region


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The Ohio Hub Plan http://www.ohiohub.org Ohio Rail Development Commission http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Ohiorail/ All Aboard Ohio http://www.allaboardohio.org