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Mojang's restrictions on minecraft servers; Rules, Donations; Much more

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Hello, all minecraft players, and server owners!

Remember the time you first stepped into your first minecraft single player world? It stands to reason that you were in some sort of awe; having the thought in your head 'I can do anything I want. How, When, Where, and why... that's all up to me.' When you went onto a server, it was the same principle, except with other people, and not being allowed to cheat (more on this later).

Minecraft has entertained people worldwide with this notion. For the last few years, the multiplayer in minecraft has exploded. Servers, of all shapes and sizes have popped up, and grown into a huge hub for entertainment. They have steadily improved, as well. Plugins are getting released each day to add something new to the game, to change a small detail, to add functionality, and, most importantly, to prevent cheaters.

Mojang has decided that it's not enough. They want to make servers more 'equal' with new server rules, as they state here:

o_Murasaki_o, a high-ranking administrator states this:

So, this leaves only 2 options for any server: Advertisements or pay to play. Advertisements are nearly impossible for any average server. For the average server, you wouldn't be able to go directly to a company and negotiate advertising contracts. There are a few advertisement plugins, but they pay nearly nothing.

This clearly shows that advertising won't work. The thing is, most servers are owned by young adults, or Teenagers. Personally, I started creating servers at 13 and have seen people as young as 11 host excellent servers. Expecting them to go to a large conglomerate to getadvertisingcontracts is completely andwhollyunreasonable. This only leaves the pay-to-play option, which is adressed by the same;

Pay to play is just a horrible idea. Nobody wants to pay for a service they can't yet experience. Advertisement would be the only way to draw in players, and you're already on a budget trying to afford running a server.

This would make minecraft more expensive that what it is worth. Sure, it's a game with nearly ifinite potential, but who wants to pay for a server, and then disliking the experience they get on the server, or getting unjustly banned from the server, causing connection impossible with the account in question, and needing another $30 purchase + Pay-To-Play situation to even return to the same server, granted you enjoyed it.

As you can tell, the goal that Mojang is trying to reach simply won't work. Server donations work very well on most servers, and you shouldn't fix what is not broken.

However, this is the worst part, I quote again from o_Murasaki_o

What infuriates me the most is this: According to Mojang, 80% of the community is for it, and 20% is against it. The numbers seem staggering, right? It should be the other way, right? The minecraft community is full of children. To them, this just means everybody has equal fun and there's no unfair 'cheaty' people. What they don't realize is that this sort of rule change will kill servers completely. So, yes, there won't be any more "unfair preferencing" for donators. There just won't be servers any more.

You cannot expect a community full of children, much of them being well below 11, to make a decision like this. Their analytical skills haven't been developed fully and they do not look at the fine print. One area Mojang has failed in within this decision, among many.

It's also unreasonable to expect server owners to pay for their own servers. Servers are very expensive, and any normal owner cannot pay for it, which is why donations are on the table. Minecraft was made in a way that no matter how much you donate and receive items/perks, you are still able to be overtaken/overplayed by any average player.

In conclusion, Mojang has made a mistake in this. This will easily destroy the already fair multiplayer in minecraft. hopefully they will see this petition and realize that it needs to be kept the same.

What is the point in hosting a server if they're taking away the freedom in it?

If you believe mojang should not implement the restrictions, sign this petition!

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