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Medical care to Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience in Iran..

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Medical care to Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience.

زندانیان ملی مدنی آزربایجان فورا باید مداوا شوند.

طبق قوانین بین المللی هر زندانی دارای حقوق انسانی است و مسئولین زندان متعهد به حفظ سلامتی زندانیان می باشند. هم اکنون تعداد زیادی از آزربایجانی ها به اتهام دفاع از حقوق ملی و فرهنگی خود توسط جمهوری اسلامی ایران زندانی شده اند و در اثر شرایط غیر انسانی موجود در زندان دچار بیماری های متعددی می باشند.

_ آقای عباس لسانی که به جرم فعالیت های مدنی به ۱۵ سال زندان محکوم شده است، در حال حاضر از ناحیه کمر و زانو به شدت رنج می برد و قادر به حرکت کردن نیست و مسئولین اجازه نمی دهند ایشان در خارج از زندان معالجه شود و در داخل زندان اردبیل نیز هیچگونه امکانات بیمارستانی وجود ندارد.

_ آقای علیرضا فرشی که درهشتم ژانویه ۲۰۲۱ هنگام دستگیری در اثرضرب و شتم مامورین از ناحیه گردن و چشم چپ به شدت آسیب دیده است و اگر معالجه نشود چشم خود را از دست خواهد داد. اکنون مسئولین زندان تهران بزرگ از دادن مرخصی استعلاجی برای ایشان خود داری می کنند.

ما امضا کنندگان این طومار خواهان آزادی کلیه زندانیانی هستیم که در دفاع از حقوق ملی مدنی خود زندانی شده اند و خواهان رسیدگی به سلامتی زندانیان و مخصوصا معالجه فوری آقایان «عباس لسانس و علیرضا فرشی» هستیم.

We appeal to all conscientious souls in the world to demand the authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran for appropriate provision of medical care to Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience. Azerbaijani activists may be minded politically but they are focused on defending and securing their cultural rights conferred with the Universal Human Rights Declaration and its appropriate conventions. The following activists have been deprived of the basic human right of access to medical care:

1. Mr. Abbas Lisani, a poet, human rights defender, protagonist of the right to education in the mother language and cultural activist, imprisoned arbitrarily for 15 years as attested by Amnesty International (https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/MDE1331302020ENGLISH.pdf He has been subjected to a series of tortures in the past and contracted COVID-19 in December 2020, while arbitrarily imprisoned. He now suffers from two serious conditions of backpain for which the authorities are not allowing MRI scans; as well as a severely swollen knee condition, which has nearly totally undermined his mobility. Now, he is not able to walk about and even cope with his basic needs. Under this condition, was taken to a medical examination in an external hospital on 24thMay 2021, while handcuffed and shackled by 12-armed guard. This is a clear demonstration of a totally arbitrary treatments by Iranian authorities against Azerbaijani activists in Iran. During the event, his family was not informed and when

2. Mr. Alirza Farshi, a protagonist of the right to education in the mother language and cultural activist, imprisoned arbitrarily for 2 years as attested by Amnesty International (https://twitter.com/AmnestyIran He was beaten up during the arrest on 8th January 2020, during which he suffered from a neck injury and a damage to his left eye. He is now at the eminent risk of losing permanently the sight in his left eye. He was allowed three days of release for a medical treatment at his own cost on 8th May 2021 after 17 months of sustaining injuries. He was examined by a specialist eye doctor, who advised him on the need for an urgent surgery related to a corneal transplant operation, otherwise he will lose his left eyesight.

Both of the above prisoners of conscience are meeting the cost of any medical expenses while they are imprisoned, where their family are under severe restriction and deprived of the right to employment and a free engagement in business. There are other prisoners of conscience, such as Mr. Yashar Piri, but we do not have reliable information about their conditions.

The Iranian authorities are acting with impunity and the only defence of the above prisoners of conscience is your support to the petition attached. Without your support, the Iranian authorities are likely to regard the situation as a convenient way to amplify the risk to the life and health of both of the above prisoners of conscience. We appeal to you to rally your support to the petition to the United Nations Human Right Organization to ensure their required treatments. The petition also seeks the immediate release of all activists arbitrarily imprisoned for their defence of the right of education in the mother language, cultural rights of non-Persian nations in Iran, all the environmental activists, the women rights activists, political prisoners and any prisoner of conscience arrested on the ground of their creed or belief.

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