Prevent national economic disaster from COVID-19 for all Americans with MAFDRA: Moratorium and Forbearance Debt Relief Act

J. Scott Scheel's MAFDRA
J. Scott Scheel's MAFDRA 153 Comments
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Tell our Representatives that allocating TRILLIONS of dollars on short-term relief programs will only provide some relief, but to stabilize the economy during this unprecedented crisis we need proactive long-term vision. We must Legislate NOW on MAFDRA, to provide a simple, fair-to-all solution to provide an across the board moratorium on all revolving and installment debt. Any citizen that has a home or commercial mortgage, rent for business or housing, car payments, credit cards, student loans, bank loans, equipment finance etc. is covered by this multi-lateral act. This applies for every individual, organization, sole-proprietorship, institution and entity, including small businesses, America's backbone. This across the board "time-out" helps everyone equally and instantly. It will not cost trillions of dollars, which will put our nation in further debt, a debt that we and our children's children will need to pay for in future taxation. Everyone resumes their payments and principle balances within 60-180 days after the State of Emergency is lifted depending on the length of the Federally-mandated crisis mitigation plan. has videos and the structure of the plan. We urge President Trump and Congress to immediately adopt MAFDRA. It is America's common sense solution!



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