Request that Fujifilm manufacture Polaroid instant film types

Elinor Scott-Sutter
Elinor Scott-Sutter 8 Comments
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We, the artists and photographers, whose work relies on Polaroid instant film and cameras have recently had our preferred artistic media taken away from us. In a recent article we learned that Polaroid is, in fact, interested in licensing its technology so that some other interested party can continue the manufacture of its instant film types. In particular, we are targeting Fujifilm, which seems like the most likely candidate, though we would be glad to present this petition to other interested parties. This is an art form which should not yet die. Please, sign to help keep the instant film types available to artists and photographers!


Members of the Polaroid community on deviantART come together to attempt to keep instant films available and to keep an art form alive. We are committed to the use of toy and Polaroid cameras and film.


Fujifilm, a company committed to the manufacturing of film types: Polaroid, company that has pulled its plug on the market that gave the company its name:


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