Save J.C. Romero - Lift His Suspension

Mike McMonagle
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On January 6, 2009, Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher, J.C. Romero was given a 50 game and a $1.25 Million suspension for testing positive for steroids. The problem is, that Romero (and Major League Baseball) has admitted that all he took was an over-the-counter supplement. MLB is suspending Romero on the grounds that he was negligent in not knowing what was in the supplement. Romero contends that he checked with both a team strength coach and a personal nutritionist before taking the supplement, and has not accepted the suspension reduction because it will mean he will need to admit guilt. Click on the Links tab to read articles on the Romero story. Please sign the petition to lift the J.C. Romero suspension.


This petition was started by 950 ESPN radio in Philadelphia.

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