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Do NOT Expand Heber Airport

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  • Whereas, decisions of this magnitude should NOT be made be a very small group of people:
  • Whereas, the Heber City Airport has operated safely for nearly 70 years and is well accepted by local residents;
    • Whereas, from 2007-2012, there were eight 'accidents,' only two with injuries,
    • Whereas, the airport can continue to be operated as a class BII operation,
    • Whereas, Heber Airport proclaims it is “The Premier Airport In Utah Serving Park City and Deer Valley," and does not exclusively serve Heber City residents;
  • Whereas, the Airport Board has declared (12/16) that “it was important to educate the public and the new Council Members on the issue concerning the airport upgrade, and that it be referred to as a safety upgrade, rather than an expansion.”
  • Whereas, the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) recently stated:“OK3 AIR would be willing to pay a one time, up front payment in the range of $300,000 to $500,000, which would be dependent on the level of certainty about the future of the airport and a reasonable FBO lease extension.”
  • Whereas, county residents have long expressed a collective desire to retain Heber Valley's rural atmosphere;
  • Whereas, many residents emphatically deny that we NEED more larger jet aircraft, with the potential for increased noise, pollution and air traffic in our protected valley bowl surrounded by mountains;
  • Whereas, the airport was formerly a primary home for gliders; it's now one of only four remaining in Utah;
    • Whereas, there is an inherent safety incompatibility between Soaring and higher speed aircraft;
  • Whereas, residents homes and property will need to be moved or purchased by Heber City and the FAA with planned expansion and upgrade of the current airport;
  • Whereas, the airport financial operation is required to be “self-sustaining,” and provides no direct financial benefit to Heber City other than property taxes;
    • Whereas, Heber City is proposing an expenditure of $300,000 for an Airport Master Plan in 2016/7 (largely FAA funded);
    • Whereas, over $3 million was recently spent to resurface the runway;
    • Whereas, Heber City is reportedly purchasing an already approved business property near the airport as part of the 'runway protection zone' (RPZ) depriving Heber City of tax revenue to be paid by that property;
    • Whereas, a 'displaced threshold' could have modified the landing (RPZ) to accommodate the business;
    • Whereas, an expenditure of $29,008,839 has been 'planned'for the Heber Airport;
    • Whereas, Heber City's share of that plan would be $1,359,084;
    • Whereas, the federal government is already trillions in debt;
  • Whereas, Heber Valley residents opposed expansion ten years ago and were successful in that opposition;
  • Whereas, most folks are quite satisfied with the status quo at the airport, which seems to be adequately and safely supporting 'aviation' in compatibility with the whole community.

Therefore, we Heber Valley Residents resolve that no 'safety upgrade' runway relocation expansion of the airport should be approved without an official vote of Heber City voters, and respectfully request Heber City Council approve a resolution to that effect.

Be it further resolved, that no further funds should be expended for studying, planning or considering any expansion, runway relocation or 'safety upgrade' to a CII Airport.

Finally, any decision on expansion will be through an affirmative vote of Heber voters.

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08/16/2007 2 Uninjured Failed to lower landing gear

08/25/2007 1 Serious Glider stall landing

06/29/2008 1 Uninjured xwind ground loop

07/29/2009 3 Uninjured Glider excess speed

11/06/2010 1 Uninjured Landed (short?)

04/23/2011 2 Uninjured Landing rollout

09/03/2011 1 Serious Helicopter, no fuel

06/24/2012 3 Uninjured Landing rollout

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