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Funimation - Finish the Dragon Ball Z Level BOX Set Bluray's

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This is a petition for "Funimation"

Formerly called ->

Funimation Productions or Funimation Entertainment



A few years ago you asked us with a survey which version we, the fans wanted for Dragon Ball Z. A video aspect ratio of either 4:3 (original) or 16:9 (widescreen).

The petition said, that "We" the fans wanted the an original Aspect ratio of 4:3.

At the time you had started the "Dragon Ball Z Level's Bluray's" which most of us, if not all the fans were happy with the results. The final product was beautiful and almost identical but with better quality images compared to the "Yellow Dragon BOX DVD Set".

You suddenly stopped the release of the "Level's Blu-ray's" production. Then you made the survey for the "Dragon Ball Z Sspect Ratio", without any further explanations you started another release, in 16:9 tis time and flushed the "Level's Blu-ray's" releases down the drain and leaving us with an insanely cropped version. Removing 1/4 of the image to make it "16:9 Wide Screen".

That is why "We, the fans! Demands!" that you finish the "Dragon Ball Z Level's Bluray's" or start another release with the original aspect ratio or make a BOXSET of one single release with all the series episodes and discs into a single purchase. (Limited Edition or Not)

As a fan I had the "Yellow Dragon BOX DVD Set", there were awesome, but the biggest mistake you did is to make it Limited Edition and now they are selling 3 to 5 times the original price on auctions websites.I had the orange DVD too set which sucked and were not same master piece as the "Yellow Dragon BOX DVD Set".

Now I have the whole New Remastered Series Blu-ray's and all the Movies. The image is beautiful but the 16:9 aspect ratio just destroy's everything else... You removed almost 1/4 if not more of the original image to format it to a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is jus shame that you destroyed this piece of art by removing the 1/4 of the image.

The Blu-ray's movies, which those were already in 16:9 so no need to destroy the image.]The quality of those is pretty good but nothing compared to the new Spanish version.

We ! The fans ! Millions and Millions of true fans demands that you finish what you had started with the Level Blu-ray's or make a new release in the original aspect ratio. a collector item !

Make it limited Edition like you did with the yellow box set or Not, which now sell's 3 to 5 times the original price or every auctions websites.

I can guaranty you that if you make this happen and make a new release with the original aspect ratio, limited edition or not you will not loose money and probably make even more money that you did with the new "16:9 Blu-ray's".

The good thing is now that you have the remastered English dub audio and have many other extras that you have remastered and can add to a new Blu-ray's edition.

Use the same company that used or hier another one or a better and start over and release the version that the fan deserve.

Also at the same time please release Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Movies and OAV's and TV-Specials into a single BOXSET or 3 or 4 BOXSET with the original aspect ratio.

For more explanation on how Funimation remastered the Toei Animation Reels to digital and made the "Level's Blu-ray's" watch this video.

Watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7vDsOgW23c

PS: You can also contact me and give me the reels for free if you don't want them or don't care about them, or lend them to me ill start an online $ petition to gather the money to pay for a digital transfer.

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