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I am petitioning to get a middle/high school were students can thrive by adding things from subjects we already know about. I'm not talking about math and science. I'm talking by adding fandoms. Here are some of the reasons we deserve this school:

The normal courses are taught but in a way that student will respond to better. Using examples from different books, TV shows, and movies a child can think if the question in a different way thus understanding the question more. We will have different classes that focus on different things.

A religion class (supernatural) that focuses on all of the different religions in the world. It is found that due to different shows and books children are more likely to respond completely differently to races, sexuality, religion, gender, ECt.

An astronomy class (doctor who) that focuses on the fact that other life could be out there. Students will learn about all of the different planets and galaxies that exist. It is shown that more will be interested in actually going out and exploring space.

Foreign languages. This is a tricky one. But I still have a solution. Students will be able to choose from many languages not usually given to them as a choice. Greek, Latin, Japanese, ECt. But are also given the choice from the regular languages found in schools (Spanish, French, German)

Basic math (Harry potter) we can use many things from this series.
For example; if Neville needs 9^3 amount of snake fangs to make a boil-cure potion. If the potion only takes 6 fangs for one potion, how many potions can he make, and how many snakes does he need to defang?
This example incorporates the use of cubing a number which is taught in 8-9th grade math. You make the question harder or easier by in creasing the numbers (but you must stick to the potions.)

In art you learn hoe to perfectly draw symbols, traps, banishment, and fan-art of your favorite shows.

In music you learn your favorite show theme songs, and wrote your own music for your favorite show.

In theater, you learn how to perform some of the most famous scenes from shows, movies, books, and even fanfics! Each month we will have a survey for what we want the next months theatrical performance to be. (One performance every two months)

Cooking you learn how to make some of your favorite meals. A book or show will be assigned each week and the student is required to find the recipe, make a list of ingredients, and make the dish at the end if the week.

Gym will be obstacle courses from various books and shows to get the child ready for anything incase of an emergency. (We could be training the worlds next heroes.) after a year of gym the child can choose between many different forms of self defense.

Choir will not be boring old songs but actually songs for fandoms in general.


It will be a private school, but that does not mean that you won't be able to come if you can't pay tuition. I expect a lot of people to be wanting to attend the school so I expect the Tuition to be around $500 every six months. So 1000 a year. It seems like a lot but it will provide for the following:

Breakfast/lunch/diner (the dining hall will be just like Hogwarts), one Fandom Academy sweatshirt (oversized of course), a dorm (which will be split up by the fandom you choose), textbooks, library books, a shirt from your chosen fandom (or band, from hot topic), and gym equipment.

And if you are unable to pay this you can fill out a form and we will choose 10 students to come on a scholarship, and 90 to come on reduced prices.

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