Justice For GKS Victims

Cindy Schults
Cindy Schults 4 Comments
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This petition is to bring criminal charges against GlaxoSmith Kline. The medication they made has caused numerous deaths not to mention birth defects.Many babies have died or been born with horrible birth defects caused by the use of Paxi. Information that Paxil caused birth defects was hidden therefore taking the right to make an informed decision was taken away from Mothers. GlaxoSmith Kline needs to be held criminally accountable for their misinformation and blantant lies. It is for all these babies to have justice.


My nephew was born with a rare heart defect called TGA which was caused by his mother using Paxil during the first month of her pregnancy. She was not told of the possible defect her child could have because the information was hid from her and her doctor. My nephew and all the other babies affected by Paxil deserve justice.


Please visit www.bigpharmavictim.blogspot.com to learn about my nephew. Other links to visit are; www.maniescause.blogspot.com, www.fiddaman.blogspot.com