Bring Back The Dew!

Jacob Wolkan
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Our demands are this: 1.) Bring back the following flavors: A.) Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Pitch Black 2 We want another chance to taste and love these drinks like we did when they were oringinally released. 2.) Release the following in bottle form: A.) Mountain Dew Baja Blast We want to taste this drink without having to go to Taco Bell. We do understand if you cannot get the rights to produce this product from Taco Bell. 3.) Release a permanent new flavor to the Mountain Dew lineup. This new product can be any flavor. Or at least a better flow of new products. All the undersigned believe in this petition one part or another. We want to show you that some Mountain Dew flavors were loved by so many people and then were taken away. We hope to show our support in Mountain Dew and it\'s many great flavors in the future. And we hope that you will keep some of these great flavors in our stores for long periods of time. Please respond, PepsiCo. We don\'t plan on backing down until we get all or some of these products released and until we get a response. Sincerely, The Undersigned


Visit for any info on Mountain Dew products and news on the campaign.

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