Blood Ties season 3

Sara Mahathy
Sara Mahathy 12 Comments
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My cause of this of this petition is to get a season three of Blood Ties. This show lets me escape reality every Friday night or whenever I\'m on the lifetime site to watch it. It\'s nice to have a something to help you get away from your world and let you enjoy your little obbessions without dealing with everything else. It\'s the perfect show for me and a lot of people who just like the concept of it. But for me it means something more. And come on you can\'t leave a series like that way to many questions.


I\'m trying to get anyone who likes the supernatural or crime shows, or hell a couple of hot guys and a love triangle. And the few hidden meaning that if you try hard enough you can find.

Links The Offical BloodTies site. The site that we want to bring back BloodTies


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