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Against sudden raise in Anytime Fitness NEX Membership Fees

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We demand that Anytime Fitness NEX allow existing members to continue with free group classes until the end of their contract and also allow members whose contract have ended, but have yet to renew to only pay additional SGD$42.80 on a monthly basis to enjoy group classes, without having to purchase a physical activity tracker called MyZone. The purchase of a physical activity tracker should be optional for members who wants to track their fitness goals and not a mandatory device to attend group classes. Below is my personal experience with the gym and reason why I need to push for this.

I've been with Anytime Fitness NEX since September 2015. When I first joined the gym, there were only two options of membership to choose from, 12 months and 18 months, I opted for the 12 months one because, I didn't know what to expect and wasn't too sure if I'd be committed to it. During the registration process, the staff mentioned briefly about the complimentary classes that the gym has to offer. Initially, I didn't think much of the classes, because to me, the location and the facilities were crucial deciding factors. In addition, the price point was more of a concern and am pretty glad that it's within my budget.

As I started visiting the gym more often, I decided to give the classes a shot. I started out with their piloxing class and the rest was history. I started attending piloxing classes once a week, and then it became twice a week. Then I heard that the gym will introduced Pound classes and I was excited. The staff mentioned that the class will commence in Nov 2016, and so I decided to renew my contract, but this time, to a 18 months period. Because I was confident that Anytime Fitness NEX will not disappoint. I waited patiently for classes to start. November came and pass and there was no news about the class, so I decided to inquire about it and to my disappointment, the class had been postpone to Jan 2017. I told myself not to be dismay and I continued waiting. January came and pass, and nothing happened. I felt slightly dishearten but decided to give the gym the benefit of doubt. Perhaps they were having difficulties with starting the class.

Meanwhile, I decided to try out other classes like Bokwa and Strong by Zumba, and I begin to see the changes in my body.

However, one day, I received a message from my gym mate, mentioning the change in membership prices. She told me that in July, all classes will cease and there will no longer be any free classes thereafter. I was stunned to receive this information. Firstly, there ought to be an official communication from the gym on the stoppages of classes in July, but none of that was done. Secondly, Anytime Fitness NEX should have pre-empt all their existing members of the impending changes that the gym will be undergoing. But none of these were done.

The sudden increase in membership prices was a shocker to many of us. Anytime Fitness NEX redesigned their membership plans and introduced tier membership. There are 3 tiers in total and only the premium tier (the most expensive one) allows members to attend group classes. For existing members, a top up of $42.80 (with GST) on a monthly basis and the purchase of a physical activity tracker ($104.86, includes GST) becomes compulsory in order to attend classes. I've been a member for close to 2 years now and this change is so disappointing and unfair to members like me. When I renewed my membership for a longer term, there weren't any privileges given to me for being a devoted member. To be honest, I didn't think much of it but now, it's clear to see that Anytime Fitness do not appreciate their members, if they did, they would have done a simple survey to check ground sentiments before implementing this change.

I hope that this petition would help Anytime Fitness NEX understand how their negligence has taken a toll on their members and take into serious consideration what we've proposed. Thank you.

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