9JW New Math Teacher

Myles Harrington
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Last year, 9JW (then 8AP) had the pleasure of being taught by two very inspiring and enthusiastic teachers, Ms Barber and Mr McIntryre. These two people made learning fun for everyone in the class, and nary a lesson went by without everyone feeling that they had truly enjoyed their session. However, this year, personally speaking, there hasn't been a class where I have left knowing that I was enjoying learning Mathematics. I know that the work has not advanced much since last year, and I know that the people in the class have all stayed relatively the same. So, due to a process of elimination, I regretfully name our teacher as the reason we are unenthusiastic and feel almost hatred towards the subject.

This group of students have been together for almost three years, and we've come to know each other quite well. And it's not an exhaggaration when I say that nobody is satisfied with the way we learn. Our current Mathematics teacher, Mr Timmers has been vague, flippant, and condescending. He expects us to know what we are being taught before we have learnt it. He moves students from their peers quickly and excessively, for incomprehensibly irrelevant reasons.

At Albert Park College, it has been said that we take pride in ourselves. We take pride in our knowledge, what we produce with our knowledge, and what we aim to achieve with our knowledge. We take pride in our behavior outside school, we take pride in our athletic ability outside school, and we take pride in the things we do for our community. So why shouldn't we take pride in our teachers? After all, these are the very people giving us the information that we need to go through life.

At the age of 15, we don't have a say in much. We don't have a say in our upbringing, we don't have a say in our elections, we don't have a say in our sometimes complicated lives. But I believe that we will have a say. One day, we will all be the ones who have the say, we will all be the ones who make the decisions, we will all be the ones who look after this Earth. So I think it's fair that we have a say in our future. And if we aren't learning from the most inspiring leaders, then we could drift away, and it could be too late. We won't know how to handle the real world, and we won't know how to take care of it either. We are the future, and we need inspiration.



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