No parking sign on ave.strathcona, City of Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada

Harry Chohan
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This petition is against City of Pointe Claire, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada by the residents of City of Pointe Claire on Avenue Strathcona on Jan 21, 2010. The No parking Sign is not accepted by the residents and should be removed immediately. The reason to install these No Parking sign was to help the snow removal operation, which is done average 20-25 times during the 6 months sign posting (Nov-April). We residents find this very inconvenience that we can no longer park cars in front of our houses and neither can our guest, relatives or other delivery person can do that. This is another way to increase the parking ticket revenue from Pointe Claire residents, who are already under the heavy load of municipal taxes. Besides giving relief to the residents, City of Pointe Claire is increasing the frustrations and anxiety of the residents. To Remove the snow effectively, we suggest that the following measures should be taken:- (a) Before the snow removal process, the temporary no parking signs should be placed at the cleaning sides, so that residents are aware and they should not park the car on the street during the snow removal process. (b) Alternatively, in the city of Pointe Claire, street parking is not allowed after 11PM, the snow removal can be done at night. I hope the city of Pointe Claire will listen to its residents and remove the no parking sign right away. Regards Residents of Strathcona Ave., Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada Jan 21, 2010




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