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Sign the Paris Proclamation on 90-90-90 Targets

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Over the past three decades, approximately 78 million people have become infected with HIV, 39 million have died of AIDS-related illness, and 17 million children have lost one or both parents due to AIDS. Yet, despite these sobering statistics, we have hope today of ending the AIDS pandemic by 2030 thanks to life-saving antiretroviral therapy (ART). Timely access to ART has been conclusively shown to prevent progression to AIDS and premature death, as well as secondarily prevent transmission of the virus.

Political leadership, policies, and laws must be aligned with new targets whose attainment would represent an important step toward the goal of ending AIDS by 2030. Recently embraced by the United Nations General Assembly, the 90-90-90 targets call for attaining three global milestones by 2020:

  • 90% of people living with HIV know their status
  • 90% of people living with HIV who know their status are on ART
  • 90% of people living with HIV on ART are achieving viral suppression

Join the global HIV community in calling for immediate efforts to harmonize the AIDS response – at local, national, regional, and international levels – by aligning all programs, resources, and strategies to attain the 90-90-90 targets.

Why Should You Sign the Call to Action?

  • Demonstrate your support for attaining the 90-90-90 targets
  • Demand that local, national, regional, and global institutions align their programs, resources, and strategies to attain the 90-90-90 targets
  • Contribute to the enforcement of the Paris Proclamation by demanding individual, institutional, and global accountability toward the attainment of the 90-90-90 targets

Highlights of the Call to Action

  1. Demand accountability of each other in advocating and realizing the individual, community, and public health benefits of attaining the 90-90-90 targets by 2020.
  2. Strive to eliminate HIV-related stigma and discrimination, advocating and protecting the dignity and human rights of all persons at-risk for HIV and people living with HIV in all environments and settings.
  3. Endorse, integrate, and prioritize the 90-90-90 targets within the funding, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of HIV programming.
  4. Match investment with impact by measuring the expansion of access to HIV diagnostics and ART – numbers of people living with HIV diagnosed, on ART, and virally suppressed – against expenditures to generate and meet demand across the continuum of HIV care.
  5. Expand the global dialogue to build upon the current 90-90-90 targets to include epidemic control targets (reducing HIV infections and associated morbidity and mortality), elimination targets (stopping HIV transmission in specific geographic areas or countries), and an eradication target (achieving a permanent reduction of HIV cases to zero).
  6. Insist that bilateral and multilateral HIV-specific and -related aid donors, as well as HIV- specific and related international financing organizations, target at least 75% of their resources to test-and-treat strategies that support the attainment of the 90-90-90 targets.

Click here to review the Paris Proclamation on Attaining the 90-90-90 Targets:

Sharing My Participation and Encouraging Others to Get Involved

Attaining the 90-90-90 targets requires collective action by all stakeholders. By signing this Call to Action, you endorse and commit to achieve a harmonization and alignment of our respective AIDS responses – as individuals, as institutions, and as members of the global community. You do so in solidarity with a global movement to attain the 90-90-90 targets by 2020, which represents a first critical step toward ending AIDS by 2030. Here are some ways in which your participation will be featured:

  • You and/or your institution will be publicly listed as a signatory on the Paris Proclamation on Attaining the 90-90-90 Targets document that will be launched and shared with members of the global HIV community at the 4th Controlling the HIV Epidemic with Antiretrovirals Summit, October 1-2, 2015, in Paris.
  • You are encouraged to promote your involvement on your own website and/or through social media accounts by using the following hashtag #909090 and by sharing the link to this page (

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