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8 Point Plan for Police Reform

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As citizens of Charlotte who are concerned for the safety and well-being of our family, friends, and neighbors in interactions with police, we would ask that our local elected officials and police leadership adopt the following 8-point plan in order to improve community relations with the police and prevent further police violence.

1. As long as an officer is on duty and carrying a weapon, he or she needs to wear a body camera and it needs to be recording. If the camera dies or malfunctions, then the police officer needs to be removed from duty until the camera is replaced or operational and recording.

2. Any body camera footage from any officer needs to be available to the public no less than 48 hours after an incident is recorded.

3. Officers need to be retrained with a new protocol that makes pulling their guns a last resort after their batons and tasers. Furthermore, should they come to this last resort, they need to be trained to shoot to wound and not to kill - and only after firing a warning shot.

4. Charges need to be filed immediately against any officer who shoots an unarmed civilian. In the event that an unarmed civilian is shot, the police officer needs to be treated no differently than the rest of the general public.

5. $2 million (avg. lifetime income + room for interest/investments) needs to be paid out to the immediate family of any unarmed civilian killed by police officers. They should also receive a written and verbal apology from the police Chief and the officer(s) involved.

6. Every police officer should be required to be available for at least one hour of community dialogue each month in the community in which they serve - where they interact with the citizens.

7. Police officers should be recruited from and assigned to the communities in which they live whenever possible at a minimum of 33%. If this quota cannot be met, then officers from neighboring communities should be assigned.

8. The police department, in conjunction with the District Attorney, and after review from the American Civil Liberties Union, needs to publish citizen's rights when interacting with police. It needs to be available on the police website, in police stations, in police vehicles, and via mobile application.

We, the undersigned, call on elected officials and police leadership in the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and the State of North Carolina to immediately adopt policies that place these 8-points into action as soon as possible.

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