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In December 2003 there was an amendment passed for any form of bingo in Macon County. The e-bingo machines have been operating since then at Victoryland until Bob Riley formed his task force and decided to carry out a vendetta to stop all machines. What Bob Riley can't control is internet gameing, house gameing and the Indian casinos and sports gameing just to name a few! The jealousy these GOP had for Milton McGregor and his business caused them to almost completely shut down Victoryland, indict our politicans and Milton McGregor! 2,000 people who lost their jobs. Everyone looses except the neighboring states.The charities, the State and most of all the people of Macon County. These people were shown that their votes do not count. We the people who sign this petition want Victoryland open again and this ridiculous case against these people thrown out of court! This is a blood-boiling political case that reaches every department in Alabama. We will not continue to be taken as passive people anymore we will stand up for the dedication of what is right and what we believe in.


Sarah Smith and concerned citizens of Alabama





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