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Robert A. Bianchi, Morris County Prosecutor Dear Mr. Prosecutor: We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best in your new position as Morris County\'s Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Congratulations. You said in a recent interview in the Daily Record, \"I think it\'s probably the most honorable, most important position in (local) government. It requires a tremendous amount of balance and perspective. It carries a tremendous amount of power that I think has to be tempered by someone with justice in their heart\". It is so refreshing to hear those words come from our Prosecutor and we cannot agree with you more, [... a tremendous amount of power that I think has to be tempered by someone with justice in their heart]. It is no secret that during the course of your predecessor\'s administration the relationship between your office and Law Enforcement both within the County and outside has been strained. It is a widespread belief (whether factual or not) that because of certain personal ambitions, or vengeance, the integrity of the Office of the Prosecutor had been compromised. There are a number of examples: grandstanding, misjudgment, reassignments, attrition of your personnel, etc. However, what we believe is the most obvious and utterly unbelievable misuse of power and miscarriage of justice involves the matter of The Fifth Street Club(2005). The allegations made by the former prosecutor in this case are very serious. However, it is mind-boggling that in this post 9-11 world, any law enforcement agency in this country would put forth the time, effort, money, man hours, and resources into a matter that could have been completely avoided with one word from your predecessor, \"no\". But that answer does not make the TV news and front-page press. Of course that also would have taken away the opportunity for the large scale raid that occurred involving swat teams, k-9\'s and over 100 law enforcement personnel with the prosecutor circling above in a state police helicopter AND there would have been no need for the hyped press conference (more fitting the capture of Osama bin Laden) the following day. We believe that this case is without merit and is driven by the need to put justice second place to ambition. I am sure you are already familiar with this matter. Please understand, this letter appears before you today, not to discuss matters of guilt or innocence. It is about how this matter was handled from its very beginning right to today. If you were to look into this, we believe that you would soon realize that this was not dealt with any amount of balance and perspective or tempered by anyone with justice in their heart. Privately and off the record of course, many members of the state, county, and local law enforcement community, media, and members of your office, both those who have left and those who have been able to weather the tenor of the previous administration, are embarrassed and quite frankly, disgusted. Many have described this as the Morris County Prosecutor\'s \"Duke Lacrosse Case\". Luckily the national press is not interested in this. Morris County, the State of New Jersey, its citizens and law enforcement does not deserve a \"Mike Nifong\" disgrace. We believe the crux of this matter to be that two law enforcement officers were involved. Two veteran police officers from Roxbury Township, Sgt. Richard Winstock and Ptl. Thomas Juskus, along with 3 other individuals. These two WERE dedicated, highly respected, professional police officers. They are not, like the former MC Prosecutor said two cops that went bad and switched sides. The two police officers and the other individuals involved here do not deserve the outrageously unfair treatment they have received from the very beginning. If there is real evidence of criminal activity, we are not attempting to excuse that in anyway. If laws were broken someone should be held accountable. All we ask is that someone with a fair open mind looks at the case. In the last hearing about this case in front of Judge Ahto, the judge seem surprised and shocked with the penalties your office is requesting for each person involved. When he questioned the Assistant Prosecutor in reference to that the response was basically he was doing what he was \"told to do\". I believe his quote was something close to \"he was under marching order from Mr. Rubinaccio\" and \"I do what the king tells me\". Mr. Prosecutor you have said that your goal has always been to \"seek justice rather than try to score convictions\". You said \"I pride myself that nobody ever accused me of playing dirty tricks. I believed in every case I ever tried\". All we ask for is that you review this matter. We, the undersigned respectfully request that you review this matter personally and it is our hope that justice will be done. Thank you for your time and we wish you the best.


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