Bring 5 Seconds of Summer to SM Mall of Asia, Philippines

Kara Angan
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Good day. I am Kara of the country, Philippines. The Philippines has a large fanbase for 5SOS, and I feel the need that Filipinos should get a reward. Unfortunately, the Philippines rarely gets international acts because the mall/arena would pay for their flight, hotel and other things needed by the band/performer. I have decided to make a petition directed towards SM Mall of Asia located in Bay City, Pasay, Philippines. This is to show that it would be worth the pay to bring the Aussie band here. When I get the allotted signatures, I will send them to the Marketing VP of the SM Manila Branch c/o my mother, who works in SM. I hope that SM gets to see the dedication and perseverance of fellow fans to get what they deserve. Thank you.


fan acc: @superheroirwxn 5SOS PHILIPPINES acc: @5SOS_PHL ya'll are qts ily if u sign bc that's d craic niall dreamed for


twitter : @superheroirwxn
5sos [idk why u're here if u're not following them]: @5sos
5sos PH: @5SOS_PHL




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