Pork Limitation!

Kevin Messick
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I as an American citizen have really had my fill of hearing about the term pork in our legislative process! There are so many things that slide by the American people because it is slid in under a bill without us ever knowing it was there! To me...it is deceitful....criminal...and downright disrespectful to American citizens! No bill should be passed...no law should be created...no tax should be levied unless it is brought forth on it's own to the American people! One bill...one subject....no collection of special interest snacks to feed self serving politicians! If it can't stand alone...it has no business going to the house or the senate! And if it is not brought to the American people upfront by the people we put into office....then that politician shall be charged with deceiving the American people! One Nation...indivisable...with liberty and justice for all! It can not be that way when pork is in politics! The pork must go! If the average American knew what has been slipped in under their nose....they would be astonished! Join me people....Tell our government...one bill...no add ons....and bring it to the people first! Lobbyist's are not there for us...they are their for whatever group pays them to be there! Republican...or Democrat...or independant....We should all want the same in our lives....HONESTY....and Transparency in our Government! Help me America....Lets send a message to Washington....NO MORE PORK!



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