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Safety for school buses, children and adults

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There are blind driveways, fast drivers, and dangerous hills on 600 South in Claypool causing multiple vehicle accidents. Traffic is increasing, and at a high rate of speed. The mention of a 3-way stop sign by Mr. Bob Conley, county commissioner, is supported by us. Our request is that a 3-way stop sign be placed at the intersection of 50W and 600S. It would not only slow traffic down, but require all vehicles to come to a complete stop. Vehicles that come to a complete stop would not have the speed that a car not stopping would have while passing these blind driveways. We travel 600 South frequently, most of us twice or more, daily, and the traffic continues to become heavy. The intersection at 50 West and 600 South has a hill that is very dangerous. It is a gamble every day when turning in or out of the Griffith, Byrer, or Amiss driveway (she provides childcare for several children), if someone will be in another car accident. One cannot see cars approaching the hill , until it is too late. If the car is traveling too fast, or not paying attention, there’s no doubt that an accident is going to happen; possibly taking the life of a parent, grandparent, child or children. There have been multiple car accidents since Amy Lippe's(and five children) accident in 2007; simply because drivers cannot see if there is another car coming. We want to improve the situation. It's our hope and prayer no one will be killed. Pulling out of the Amiss, Griffith, or Bryer's driveway is an issue because again, one can’t see if a car is coming in either direction, East/West on 600 South. We turn off the radio, tell all children to be quiet, and roll down the windows, but still; vehicles are close to being hit again. Now that there is work being done in Claypool on the elementary school, there is more traffic. The trucks coming from Ft. Wayne use 600 South to get over to the school, and they; by all means, do not drive the speed limit OR slower. The “school bus turn around” signs have helped slow traffic, but only during the week and only for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. There are times that the school bus cannot be seen on the other side of the hill until you are right up on it. IF a person is traveling too fast, chances are they won’t get stopped in time. Children standing outside waiting for the bus are also at risk. If a car comes up over the hill and needs to swerve to avoid hitting another car, they more than likely would hit the child. The hill at 50 West and 600 South is so dangerous that the school bus will not even stop in front of the Griffith residence. In the past, their children had to be picked up and dropped off on 50 West. Please help solve the multiple issues by placing a 3-way stop at 50 West and 600 South in Claypool. Those signing this petition agree that the issue can be resolved by a simple task. We are confident that the effort put forth by our county commissioner, county superintendent, and staff, will help now that the issue is addressed. If cost is an issue, maybe it is possible that the “Low Shoulder” signs that are currently in place on 600 South be replaced by the 3-way Stop. Our mission is to provide preventative maintenance. No one has been killed YET, but why start now


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