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The Fight For Womens Rights

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For more then a decade women have been considered under men. They have been deprived of their rights and voices. From the time 1900 to 1999 in Canada it self women have had to go through many things just to get the right to free speech. Why is that men have to be assured there more powerful Why is it that a woman in Pakistan can't say no to sex and that they can't leave the house with out their husbands permission or for that matter leave what so ever without another male Why is it that woman the structure of humanity are being treated this way Women are just as well and capable as men, so why is it that people in this world treat us in unequally. Being a woman shouldn't have to be a sin in this world. Women being something that brings this world together, help built a world in general deserve a right to education, freedom, the right to vote, the right to say no, and the right to stand up for what they believe in. Women shouldn't have to live under rules that bound them to something they feel totally opposed of. Being a woman should mean holding your head up high, showing the world you're able just as much as a man, maybe even more. That you can change the world and be something without a man by your side. That a woman is a woman and will be nothing else to anyone else, not a slave, not a servant, not something that man can boss around but independent with rights and a voice. Women should be woman and nothing more and nothing less! We deserve rights and we arent play toys that will do anything that we're told. We're strong and when war befalls us we become warriors to protect what is rightfully ours. So don't take away our rights and voices, for we will be heard. You can be quiet one woman, and many more will stand in her place. So take a stand give woman and girls all over the world that freedom they so rightfully deserve. Let them prove them selves in this world. And show you that being a woman means being strong when the whole world might be against you. Statement: So please sign this petition show your concern, show that you have heart down there that beats for a better world. A world where woman and men are considered the same not just one under the other. Even if after reading this you cannot find it in your heart to take 2 minutes out of your life to forward this and add your name then I would hope you never find yourself in this situation and ask for help. If so, someone else just might not want to take the 2 minutes out of their life to possibly better your situation and give you that second chance at life, with all its liberties, freedoms and justices that we all deserve. As a wise man once said"The best things in life are worth fighting for" will I say this is worth the fight if maybe just maybe one little girl around the world will be able to smile knowing that its not such a curse to be a girl in this world after all.


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