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Public Petition To Stop the Passing of New Cycling Legislations.

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This petition is for every cyclist in the city Philadelphia who are concerned with the new legislations being proposed by city council. Most of the new legislations: in my opinion, are absurd and seem like a way to take more money from the tax payers pockets and create more pollution, congestion, and anger in our city. If these legislations pass its gonna be like Love Park all over again. This is supposed to be a bike friendly city and now look what is going on. Also, if these legislations are going to be enactedthen I propose tickets for Jay Walking, wearing a Bluetooth while driving, etc. There are so many pedestrians that do not obey the traffic laws themselves. We see it everyday. The people that cross the streets with the flow of foot traffic never paying attention to the red light they have. What about all the hit and runs with people in cars You get their plate number and call the police and all they say is that they didn't see it so they can't do much about it. Ridiculous. But this is okay. I do not need to go on with this because we all know where I am going with this. The information below was taken from The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. Please read and feel free to visit their website to learn more about the new Legislations that city council is trying to pass. Thursday, November 19, 2009 "The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia opposes bills that are being introduced today by Councilman Frank DiCicco and James Kenney to increase penalties and require license plates on bicycles. "This is the wrong approach," said Sarah Clark Stuart, Campaign Director. "Bicyclists shouldn't be singled out when the problem is all road users - motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians - bending the law to suit their own needs, with little if any consequences. The absence of adequate enforcement has led some road users to develop bad habits that endanger themselves and others." "These bills won't make Philadelphia's streets safer," said Advocacy Director John Boyle. "The problem is not that penalties are too low, the problem is that tickets are rarely given out. It is pointless to increase penalties as proposed by Councilman Kenney when the current penalty system has existed only on paper," he added. Other cities, including Los Angeles, Houston, Washington DC, Detroit, Albuquerque, and the states of Minnesota and Massachusetts have all repealed laws similar to Councilman DiCicco's proposal. Los Angeles' Police Department Chief directly recommended to LA's City Council that their program be discontinued. Said Boyle, "Bicycle license plates are impractical and unworkable. Let's learn from other cities' experiences and not waste time and resources on an ineffective program." "Enforcement can work and up to now, traffic enforcement hasn't been a priority," said Breen Goodwin, Education Director. "To achieve better compliance with traffic laws, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia believes that equitable and consistent education and enforcement of current laws on all road users must be implemented. Until that happens, enacting higher penalties or registration programs is ineffective and counterproductive." Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia statement on proposed Council legislation to increase penalties and mandate bicycle registration Like many others in Philadelphia, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia recognizes that the city's streets are chaotic. In the absence of adequate enforcement, all road users - motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians - bend the law to suit their own needs, with little if any consequences. This situation has led some road users to develop bad habits that endanger themselves and others. Philadelphia's streets need to be made safer for everyone. The first step toward safer streets is equitable and consistent enforcement of traffic laws as they apply to all road users. Up to now, traffic enforcement has not been a priority. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia urges City Council and the Nutter Administration to implement immediately an equitable and consistent traffic education and enforcement program to enforce the laws that are currently on the books before City Council raises penalties, requires mandatory registration, and puts other restrictions in place. Safety education coupled with enforcement, applied equitably to all road users, is the first step to improve safety for all. The Philadelphia Police Department appears to be ready to engage in enforcement in tandem with the Bicycle Coalition's Bicycle Ambassadors education program. The Bicycle Coalition urges City Council to help develop a strategy for an equitable and consistent traffic enforcement and education campaign applicable to all road users. The Bicycle Coalition looks forward to working with city officials to help calm the streets. With regards to laws requiring registration and licensing of bicycles, the Bicycle Coalition does not support a mandatory program. Among other issues, we are concerned about the potential for a registration program to discourage riders, impose financial disincentives, and expose the City to numerous legal issues. Peer cities and states have passed and then repealed registration and licensing programs. We recommend a thorough investigation of registration and licensing programs in other cities to determine whether such programs would help or hinder efforts to achieve peace on Philadelphia's streets." This is the most up to date information I have found on violations and cost. This also comes from the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia Website. "Vehicle Code Violations: • 3112-A-3i- Disregard Traffic Signal ($119.50) • 3112-A-3ii- Turn on Red, Fail to Stop/Yield Pedestrian/Traffic ($119.50) • 3308-B- Wrong Way 1-Way ($119.50) • 3323-B- Disregard Stop Sign ($119.50) • 3323-C- Disregard Yield Sign ($119.50) • 3345-A- Improper Passing of a School Bus ($364.50) • 3542-A- Failure to Yield to Pedestrian in crosswalk court ($119.50) • 3711-A- Clinging to a Moving Vehicle ($119.50) • 3714- Careless Driving ($119.50) • 3736-A- Reckless Driving ($294.50) Philadelphia Traffic Ordinances: • 12-808 Riding a Bicycle on a Sidewalk ($54.00)"


If you would like more information please check the websites listed below. you can also email me at Also, you can write City Councilman James Kenney and Councilman Frank DiCicco at or Anything you can think of outside of this petition would really help.

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