Ban winter, spring and summer break assignments and make SAT prep mandatory

Kevin Cataldo
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It has brought to my attention that winter break assignments, spring break assignments, and summer break assignments are pointless. The majority of students at Science Park High School, don't complete the assignments. However, instead of these pointless assignments Science Park High School, should make SAT prep mandatory for all grade levels during the winter, spring and summer breaks. One of the most stressful time of a high school student, is when her or she has to face the SAT'S. The Majority of them take the exam unprepared , which is caused by the lack of preparation. High school teachers, usually don't cover topics that are on the SAT'S because of the high school curriculum's that has to be followed. Additionally, approximately a year ago Science Park High School offered SAT prep for Juniors, until it was removed and replaced with Financial Literacy and Economics.



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