2014 Racism Strike on Hollywood

2pac Shakur
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If your political status is classified as Black, African-American, Hispanic...This petition is for the CAUSE OF THE CENTURY.

Crime: Mental Enslavement/Psychological Genocide
Defendant: Hollywood
Prosecutor: American Indigenous Majority (so-called minority)
"Black, Colored, Negro, Hispanic, Caribbean, Mexican, etc."

We must strike against Hollywood. After receiving the shotgun blast from Slavery, we've only been placing Band-Aids on the wounds. Hollywood has been sprinkling sub-conscious SALT on our problems and keeping our wounds open. Its not about who it is behind the scenes actually doing it....THIS PETITION is about whom it is suffering from it. We must OPEN OUR EYES and accept the facts about the Racism in America's Movie Industry. Not only accept it but take RESPONSIBILITY (ability to respond), for the benefit of our living and future generations. I am a musician/performing artist but this is not a PUBLICITY STUNT. I am VERY passionate about the Freedom from this Mental Slavery because, right now, it is the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME. We will go in on the details in the future through the mediums of Graphic Design, Video presentations, and Music Projects. You must be apart of this movement, people, even if you do not fall into the demographic you are still our brother and sister in this war on ALL SLAVERY....mental...physical...sexual....and SPIRITUAL! Thank you.





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    2pac Shakur
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