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Dear Sir or Madam We Ethiopian in Belgium seeking your attention on the current situation killing torturing and mass murdering of innocent civilians. In some urban areas taken military action like OGADEN, GAMBELLA civilians have been killed and in some other places like Oromia ,Southern Ethiopia ,and Amhara Region have been killed a lot of civilians, even in prison has been taken free shot on detains in Addis Abeba woreda 09, in Kaliti, Zeway ,Dedesa and other prison houses. Your Excellencies The EPRDF made new low to avoid all his opponent parties, at the moment thousands of protesters, political party leaders, including Birtukan Medeksa, Journalists, Students and human Right defenders were arrested. The criminal charges set up against members of the oppositions and their leaders members and supporters carry the so called death penalty and life imprison. It has to be noted that the death penalty is still applicable in Ethiopia and the EPRDF (TPLF) government does not hesitate to apply the punishment against its political opponents and this facts has been confirmed by Belgium Commission of foreign affairs of Belgium and recently EPRDF (TPLF) take a decision on five of opposition leaders death penalty on thirty-three life imprison thousands of others are awaiting their fit. You’re Excellencies Especially at the moment the TPLF (EPRDF) is on sale of lands to Arab investors to put time bomb that can explode in the soonest future between countries and nations ,to destroy our culture ,religion and to bring extremist to use the countries as income source to develop hidden terrorism and to open living house for international fugitives in the name of investment. We kindly request you that to end up this tyrant government of Ethiopia and to bring long lasting peace in horn of Africa the following questions has to be done through Release of all political prisoners unconditionally. Release of CUD vice President Birtukan Mideksa . To bring to Justice Meles Zenawi for killing, torturing, corruption and ceding part of the country. To stop all supports that strengthen the power of the brutal regime. To bring all opposition parties together and facilitate for argument talk. To form Transitional government we all are here to support and participate in this historical moment. With kindly regard Ethiopian Refugees in Belgium




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    Yonas Haile United States
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    Solomon Matthias Belgium
    8 years ago
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    Gebeyehu Desta Belgium
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