International Litigation Fall 2009 Credit Change Petition

cindy salazar
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Dear Dean Logan,


     The students enrolled in Professor Louise Teitz's "International Litigation" Class in the Fall semester of 2009 at Roger Williams University School of Law respectfully request the consideration of the following petition:


      As you aware, it has come to our attention that the International Litigation course scheduled for the Fall of 2010 will now be a 3 credit course to "better reflect the amount of work required." Upon information and belief, this change was made because of the amount of work students completed in the course during the Fall 2009 semester. Based upon the foregoing, the undersigned students respectfully request that you consider this petition to retroactively change and add this additional credit to our transcript.


       While we understand the burden that this may cause the Administration of the Law School, the outcome is significant because certain students' grade point averages may be changed and may more accurately reflect their academic abilities, given the substantial demands of the course work. Moreover, it is simply the most just outcome possible. Given the uniqueness of this situation, it is appropriate to give this request proper consideration. Where an objective analysis of all of the facts occurs, there can be only one outcome; to wit, retroactively increasing the credit granted for successful completion of this course.  


       We represent to you that this would be the most fair and equitable outcome, given that this change was made based upon the efforts of the former students. Below you will find the signatures of the students who were enrolled in this course signifying their support of this petition. Thank you for your time and consideration to our request.


Very truly yours,





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