1D to LA

Isis Landry
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My cousin and I are two very passionate Directioners who seem to have slacked in the ticket buying department. Recently we began our search (after entering many contests) and, sadly, we came up very, very short.

Sold out! We expected as much, but it's disappointing nonetheless. Then it hit us. There's not a date for Louisiana. Yea sure there's one for Texas...but that's not the same. Then we got to thinking, there are so many 1D fans down here, maybe some of them are in the same predicament as we are.

So this is us trying to show 1D that coming to Louisiana would not be a waste, with plenty of fans`1 and several different venues to choose from, we were hoping to possibly get a date added. So please you guys, If you feel our pain, help us help you (cheesy but totally relevant)!




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