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The Thirteenth Colony Declaration

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While in pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness as endowed upon us, the citizens of the United States of America, by our Creator, it has become necessary to declare that the current elected federal government has become destructive to these endeavors. This conclusion is not made lightly, but comes from a list of repeated assaults on the fundamental principals which have allowed our society to rise and prosper. It is the right and the duty of every American citizen to petition, protest, resist, alter, or call for the reversal of the actions of this government in favor of policies and/or elected officials which will re-establish and respect the directives, restrictions, and spirit of the Constitution of the United States as well as the will of the American people. 

  While a compiled list of specific unjust policies, actions, and deeds perpetrated or allowed to be perpetrated by President Obama and the current administration is varied and extensive, a general list is submitted as evidence to all:  


Mismanagement of public wealth

 - Mismanaged $789,000,000,000 in stimulus money

 - Failed and unnecessary Cash for Clunkers program

 - The continued devaluation of US Currency without intervention


Corruption and Abuse of Power

 - Appointment of unscrupulous and Un-American advisors (Czars)

 - Ties to radical and Un-American personalities such as William Ayers

 - Ties and funding to ACORN known to be a corrupt entity and charged with voter fraud and other improprieties 

 - Awarding of special interest money to organizations or legislators to tip the scales of fairness in business, legislation, or personal gain

 - Relentless assault on any group or people that disagree with current policy


Defacing the image of the United States of America

 - Announcing during speech that America is a Secular Nation

 - Announcing during a speech that America is a Muslim Nation

 - Bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia

 - Bowing to the Japanese Emporer


Use of Science to promote Left Wing Agenda

 - Promotion of redistribution of wealth through the use of admittedly falsified data regarding climate change


 Putting the safety and lives of American Citizens at Risk

 - Allowing the perpetrators of the 9-11 Terror attack the same rights, protection, and voice that was taken from the 2,751 innocent Americans killed in the attack

 - Allowing the perpetrators of the 9-11 Terror attack a civil trial

 - Indecisive action on matters of war which may have cost the lives of American Service members

 - Calling for the unecessary public release of materials which would energize and embolden our enemies, increasing the hardship on our troops in the field of battle 


Destruction of Capitalism and swift movement toward Socialism

 - Causing a corrupt and Socialist style redistribution of wealth through the employment of false crisis which allows the emergency passing of legislation designed to reward political supporters and further enslave the poor through entitlement programs designed to cause dependency without programs designed to create jobs. This dependency is critical to the ultimate ensnarement of the masses in the Socialist trap and key to the administration solidifying their rein in power through a massive dependent voter base.


  Throughout these listed policies, actions, or deeds, We the People have petitioned and protested through every peaceable means possible: our endeavors answered only with silence, ridicule, false reporting, or outright hostility. An elected body of government which does not respect its own citizens threatens the security of that nation, and a government which has lost the moral and spiritual values of its essence is not fit to lead the people of this great nation.

  We therefore, the undersigned citizens of the United States, do hereby serve notice to the current seated members of the United States Federal Government that we object to the continuance of the course of action that it has set upon. Furthermore, we will no longer sit idly by while the rights and liberties, which have been secured with the blood of countless patriots, are carelessly and callously abandoned. To which, the following points are made:

     It is our full intent to rid the elected body of any member guilty of committing or allowing through complacency the committing of any of the infractions stated above. We will take an active role in assuring that incorrect, unread, ineffective, unnecessary, or unconstitutional legislation is stricken down or amended to be made correct.  We pledge our time and energy in ushering in these actions.

     It is our full intent to support to the utmost any movement, protest, or legislation which restores and/or secures the strength of the states as opposed to increasing federal control. This will include state sovereignty legislation, nullification legislation, and/or legislation which calls for the repeal of the 17th Amendment. We pledge our time and energy in support of these endeavors.

     It is our intent to resist with ALL possible means any measure taken to modify or reduce the First Amendment of the Constitution as it is through free speech and free communication that we are made aware of the unjust dealing, actions, or legislation.  It is also the First Amendment which allows our voices to be heard in an effort to promote justice. We pledge all that we hold sacred to this endeavor.

     It is our intent to resist with ALL possible means any measure taken to modify or reduce the Second Amendment of the Constitution as the right to defend ourselves was given to prevent an unjust or tyrannical government from subjugating the citizens. Without the ability to defend ourselves, the guarantee of Freedom itself is lost. We pledge all that we hold sacred to this endeavor.


     It is through the relentless and unwavering protection of the First and Second Amendment that the hope for a free society is preserved. It makes possible the belief that "We the People" still retain the power as stewards of our own collective destiny.


As Patriots before me, I do solemnly swear (or Affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.


C. A. Martinez, Member - Georgia Sons of Liberty

Claire Bartlett, Member - Georgia 9-12

Ann Lindholm, Member - Savannah Tea Party, American Soldiers Wife

Elizabeth Mancha - 13th Colony Patriots 

Don Hodges, Member - Georgia CMA, Georgia Sons of Liberty

Randy Henry, Member - Georgia Sons of Liberty


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