12 Month Moratorium on Moraga High Density Housing Development

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Moraga California is known as a picturesque hill side community with a 150 year old renown university, one percentile top ranking public schools and recently found to be one of the safest communities in California. We the undersigned are proud of the community and therefore and effective July 22, 2014, demand a twelve month moratorium on all housing development of one dwelling or more. This moratorium is requested for a one year period or until July 21, 2015. It is is requested by tax paying residents, citizens who live or are employed in Moraga. We request a moratorium for the following reasons among many others:
1) A Moraga viewshed protection policy is in the planning and stages. Until guidelines of the policy are finalized it is premature and costly for the Moraga town planning department and developers to plan for new housing.
2) Road solutions are addressed for entering and leaving Moraga.
3) Neighboring town concerns - Moraga has a strong ties with neighboring towns who provide road access for area residents. Their concerns (AND OURS) for traffic, congestion and emergency safety access need to be addressed and resolved to avoid litigation by these communities and continue community goodwill and collaboration throughout Lamorinda.
4) To place an emphasis on planning for a core Moraga by: 1) reducing the large inventory of vacant commercial and retail space and 2) defining and the recruiting of necessary businesses and services for residents.
4) To support the mission statement of the Town of Moraga - "TO PRESERVE AND ENHANCE THE UNIQUE QUALITY OF LIFE IN OUR TOWN"
1) Providing a safe environment 2) Preserving our natural landscape 3) Creating a greater sense of community 4)Supporting quality education, traffic congestion relief and leisure opportunities within Lamorinda and 5) Honoring our tradition of minimal service government




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