U.S. Automakers, Build and Sell a Domestically Built, $10000 Car for the Masses

Steve Ross
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Recently, automakers in India have been making very inexpensive new cars for the masses, and now Nissan is rumored to be bringing back the Datsun name for a line of new cars to be priced around $4000, provided the financial and manufacturing targets are met. What is ironic about this is that America did it first in the form of the Model T Ford. We are the ones that invented the concept of an affordable, basic, easily repairable car for the masses. The USA needs another Model T moment. Not all new car purchasers need or want leather, satnav and other luxury items in a car to get from point A to point B. These items add weight, complexity and cost, and unfortunately it's all there because we haven't told them to stop offering it. Sign this petition and let the domestic automakers know you want a $10000 car that is safe, fuel efficient, and yes, cool to own. A car that has A/C, heat and a decent stereo. Just because it's inexpensive does not mean it has to be done poorly. And, as a crowning touch, be made with domestically sourced resources and assembled by domestic factories. Completely American, just like it used to be. This is not hard to do. This is America, and we make the impossible possible.



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