Why is Canada Day not the first Monday in July

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Plain and simple, CANADA DAY IS THE FIRST MONDAY IN JULY!!! We ARE Canadians! eh! WE, as CANADIANS, LOVE our long weekends! Why is CANADA DAY...ON JULY FIRST especially when, WE as Canadians like our long weekends!!! (YOU WANT A LONG WEEKEND HERE EVERY 4-5 YEARS) I DON'T!!! it fell on a Wednesday this year (that doesn't make a long weekend, does it) Since it is the celebration of having our own day to celebrate! CANADA DAY! eh! (just the name sounds like a long weekend to me!) so... it should be the first Monday of July, EVERY year!!! not July 1st! if you agree, because you are a Canadian!!! then PLEASE (don't hestitate to sign and send this petition to EVERY CANADIAN!!!) and let us correct this very so wrong idea that it should be on July 1st, I VOTE FOR THE FIRST MONDAY OF JULY AS CANADA DAY!!! I THINK WE CAN GET EVERY CANADIAN TO AGREE TO THIS TOO! PLEASE help me to correct this fatal injustice and VOTE (by signing and sending this petition to ALL CANADIANS!!!) Let us have the HOLIDAY of CANADA DAY moved to the 1st Monday of July! it is for our own good! Thank you, Sincerely, A concerned Canadian! Al Koch Oshawa, Ontario, CANADA EH!!!


i am canadian! vote now, vote here, pass it on before it's too late! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/071e




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    May 30, 2016
    May 30, 2016
    Agreed. Having a mid week holiday is disruptive to business and families.


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