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The Internet Petitions - Page 157

Online petitions related to the Internet, hosted at iPetitions, the leading site for online activism and grassroots democracy. Online petitions in this category include petitions related to Internet and telecoms policy, the creation and use of new software tools like browsers, and other issues that affect how we use the Internet. Use an online petition, for example, to voice your opinion on net neutrality, online copyright, Internet taxation, and other pressing legal matters. You can also use this category to complain (or praise) the behavior of leading Internet software companies.

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  • Get Tyler to play WoW
    This is important because Tyler is a noob and refuses to play WoW. He must play it for at least one ...
  • From The Fans Of Lil Wayne
    Greetings from the fans of Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi, We would like to take the time to request tha...
  • Deadpool Rating
    Guys i am just a big fan of marvel movies as you are and movie of Deadpool to be released in 2016 ha...
  • PAX in Chicago
    There is no PAX in Chicago, but there should be
  • chao garden app
    US CHAO FANS MUST STICK TOGETHER!Let's get to 200 signs and I'll send this to SEGA.
  • Its time to bring Matthew McNabb HOME
    On January 1, 2006 our son Tyler, then 91 days old, aspirated. Matthew was home wit hTyler when Ty s...
  • J Lowe's Santa
    Bring Santa back!
  • 213
  • Free Hoof's Beard!
    Hoof has recently chosen to look like a 17 year old again,We can not let this happend!Join the march...
  • testing
  • Dan Howell December Hobbit Hair Week
    Basically Danisnotonfire has very sexual hobbit hair and Marty Phans need this, byee. Just sign bc h...
  • Let us see your face overkil
    We want to see your face overkill and if we get 5000 people to sign this petition you must show us y...
  • Find Kylie a Boyfriend
    Hey it's Kylie! I am starting a petition to help find myself a boyfriend and I would love it if you ...
  • Free Cameronpo
    Cameronpo was an innocent user on that was loving to all and caring to many. In May of 2014 ...