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  • Justice for Kayla
    Kayla Elizabeth Adkins, mother of young daughters, was brutally murdered. Now, the accused and confessed murderer is requesting home confinement until trial - and this petition opposes it.
  • Remove dangerous far right agitator Mike Cernovich from Twitter
    Remove dangerous far right agitator Mike Cernovich from Twitter before his abuse of the platform gets someone killed.
  • Save Balmoral and East Memphis Neighborhoods
    Locals oppose proposal by Balmoral Shopping Center because of potential safety problems and other issues for Memphis.
  • Jacobs highway
    After loved one passes away, action taken to make Highway 285 safer. They ask this highway, which runs through New Mexico, Texas and Colorado, be made a four lane highway to make safer and lead to more lives saved.
  • Unsanctioned Camping is Unsafe! Fully Fund Compassionate Intervention!
    This petition allows the City of Seattle to continue its compassionate efforts to clean up dangerous and illegal encampments in public places, because they are unsafe and unhealthy and reverse the progress made in moving people off the street into housing. By signing this petition, you are protecting the City's residents, environment, lands and structures.
  • Filter cruelty out of wildlife selfies
    The Amazon rainforest is famous for its diverse wildlife. And the number of tourists who want to take selfies with its fascinating animals is rising fast. Here's why a petition is taking action.
  • Come together to save healthcare!
    We ask the United States Congress to come together and find a system to save the healthcare market in the United States. This is not about political affiliations, it's for the benefit of all of us today and future generations.
    Petition against killing dogs, to be produced to Sri Lankan Prime Minster Hon Ranil Wickramasinghe, President Hon Maithripala Siriesena.
  • Reuniting a father with his daughter
    This petition asks that we reform the immigration requirements that prevent children under 21 sponsoring their parents for a US Visa.
  • Dedicate OUAT 7x01 To Georgina Callander
    This petition is to the writers/creators of Once Upon A Time - Georgina Callander was a fellow Oncer who sadly lost her life after being caught in the horrific Manchester attack on 22/05/17. We want to band together as a family and hopefully get a episode dedicated to her.
  • Nathan's Voice
    SHARE! IF YOU ARE MY FRIEND ON FB, please share this to at least let my brother's story be heard. #Nathansvoice #JusticeforNathan The legal system has failed him and he's about to be sent away to silently endure further abuse for the entirety of his adolescence. The news article attached to my post was issued before my Mom even received the judge's order. It does not include one detail about my brother's testimony about what happened to him because Stone's attorneys had it sealed. Nathan is terrified of this man as he has every right to be after what happened to him. He doesn't ever want to see him. Nothing about his feelings or wants are being publicized because he's a child and he's being portrayed as a pawn to get my mother custody... His voice should be heard and and respected rather than dismissed as a lie. My mom is a great, selfless mother who is always there for her children (even as adults she is still here for us when we need her). Before my little brother came home and told her what happened to him, my mom went over and beyond to ensure that he had a great relationship with his father. That's all she has ever wanted was for my brother to be happy. She had absolutely nothing to gain in all of this. She has spent years in court fighting for him at her own expense. She did it out of love for her son. All she wanted was for supervised visitation son Nathan could be safe. Stone refused it and demanded he get full custody. But what kind of parent demands to take their child away from all of their loved ones, their home, school, friends, etc, just so they can take them off in isolation to start a new life that benefits only the parent? MONTANA! Who alienates their child from all of their loved one like that, knowing the child is already afraid to be alone with them?! And what kind of court system allows it?!Imagine how you would feel being ripped out of a loving home to be sentenced to life with your sexual abuser. What was this judge thinking? Was she taking into account my brother at all? My heart is so heavy. I've prayed so much over this for God to protect my little brother. I ask you all to pray and. I believe more than anything this injustice needs to be publicized! Children deserve to be protected! I am so disappointed in Jefferson county Family court Birmingham, Alabama. A quote from Ladner "He will have cousins, and will be with family." Nathan has family and friends. He has a sister and brothers...He is an Uncle. He has stability. He is attending a top school right now, on the A honor roll. Talk about stripping a child of his identity, security, family, friends. Stability is far from what has been ordered by Jefferson County Family Court in Birmingham, Alabama by Judge Carnella Greene Norman. This is mentally and emotionally abusive for a court to rule something that will harm a child. Please someone explain how this happened? What type of ruling was this? Where's the justice? I've been in tears. This boy is my light! He has been through too much as it is! He doesn't deserve what has been forced upon him in an order.
    Jan 23, 2018