Zombies For Combat Arms

I thought of an idea recently of a Gametype I think Nexon should make. The Gametype is Zombies. How it works is.. Bravo Team = Zombies Alpha Team = Hunters There can only be 1 player that starts the Game on Bravo, and maximum 8 on alpha. The Zombies(Bravo Team) Get 300 Armor (AP), and can only use their knives to kill the hunters. The Zombies also move abit faster then the humans. The Hunters(Alpha Team) Get normal health and armor, aswell they can use any weapon they like, and they move at normal speed. When a Zombie kills a Hunter, The Hunter is forced to switch team, thus becoming a zombie. The objective of the game is for the Hunter's to survive the time limit (20 minutes) If there is one hunter left at the end of the game, Hunters Win. If Zombies complete their mission into making all Hunters a Zombie, Zombies Win.


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    Pete Scott, United States

    6 years ago Comments: i believe that this game idea is worth signing for it is the best gaming idea i have ever heard and i believe that more people will play more if it has more gameplay options... i think we can change nexons mind!!! 3 shouts for zombies on CA!!!!!!!!!!
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    Philly A.K.A OWNAGE, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Yea That Would Be Tight Just LIke LeftFor Dead I LIke The Idea I Would Play Alot
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    Erik Jacome, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Yes, this would be sorta sweet.
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