York University Students Against Strikes

It has now been nearly 3 weeks that US, York University Students, have been forced to stop attending classes! And yet, has your Student Account Bill for this Year and/or Fall Semester been lowered NO! The York University Senate wants to: 1. Shorten our exam period to accommodate the Strike. What does that mean for us It means 3-4 exams in one day! 2. Shorten the amount of term work required for Fall and the first half of Year courses. What does that mean for us It means that you have paid for what you are not getting in return! Sure, you may think it's less work for you - then why are we paying the full price for the course if it's half the work and half the length!! 3. Extend the year if the Winter term becomes affected by the Strike. What does that mean for us It means less time that you will be able to earn money in the summer months. Less time working = Less money earned! *The York University senate needs to compensate the Student body for the time lost in our courses and the time lost that we are normally able to work during the summer! *This petition is demanding that the York University Senate give the student body an automatic 50% Refund for all Fall Term courses where we have lost 2 out of 4 months. And a 40% Refund for all Year long Courses should the Strike continue into January. The York Federation of Students clearly does not have our best interests in mind - So WE, the Students, must unite and make our demands. Why should WE lose OUR money because the Professors and Teachers Assistants want more and York University is not willing to pay them DO YOUR RESEARCH - GET INVOLVED


One York University student for now. Send this Petition to your friends, and friends of friends etc. The York University Senate cannot get away with fleecing and ripping-off its students any longer! WE have a voice, and it's online.


http://www.yorku.ca/yfile/special/faqs_for_web.pdf http://www.yorku.ca http://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/Strike2008/Strike.htm


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