Calgary's Yuk Yuk's Needs A Sign!

When the brand new Calgary Yuk Yuk's club opened in February of this year it was a big deal to the local comedians. A new venue should provide work and training in their selected field. An important part of any comedy club is an audience and despite the hard work of the owners, The City of Calgary continues to deny them a basic marketing necessity to promote their venue: a sign on the outside of their building. This interference from the local government makes the venue more difficult to find and doesn't capitalize on walk-by and drive-by traffic to help promote the room. Low (or no) audiences mean no development time for new comedians and no paid work for professional comedians. Not only is The City of Calary interfering with the livelihood of the venue, but also all the performers who would work there. By signing this petition you show your support to The City of Calgary Council that the Yuk Yuk's club in the Elbow River Casino needs and deserves proper signage on the outside of their building.


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    Rnda, Italy

    3 years ago Comments: You bring up some great points, but the doeictrin I was going in was to show that sometimes people get so excited about starting a new venture (rightly so) that they jump from one business venture to the next and never finish creating what they started. Your business never ends if you plan on growing it, but if you never finish getting all your ducks in a row it just won't work. It's like building a website, and never finishing a few pages because your too excited to start something else and you leave that unfinished. With a business plan, it's not a requirement, but some people find that it keeps them on path towards their goals. If they plan on taking it to the next level, (if they want a retail location), then it might require capital and having a business plan in place isn't such a bad idea. Thanks Ameena for commenting!Sonia recently posted..
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    Ankit, France

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    Achi, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: Sonia,That is a pretty mssiave list you have there, but I would agree with all of them. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask for help and have not done the research themselves. But on that same note, and a personal struggle for me, is getting hung up on learning so much that I forget to do. The key is researching and learning what you need, then asking pointed questions, getting into debates and participating in conversations to learn the rest of the info.For example, if you were interviewing Michael Jordan during the highlight of his career, and you asked him how he got to be so good, he would probably give you some practiced line about working hard and keeping at it until you get good. But, if you took the time to learn about him and his style, and you asked him a question like I noticed when you are driving to the net and you have a defender on the left, you often move left, which is counter intuitive why did you choose this style of play instead of what other do?Now there, you have his attention because you are showing that you took the time to learn and do the research. From there, you can ultimately get the mind set behind how he got so good. Do the research, then ask your questions not the other way around Sorry for the lengthy post. Great article!Sal recently posted..
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