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The state of Florida is about to get much tougher on sex offenders who prey on children. Governor Jeb Bush has signed the Jessica Lunsford Act into law. These were changes to the Florida Laws that were MUCH NEEDED! Any adult (man OR woman) who causes harm to an innocent child SHOULD, at the very least, be on strict continuous supervision, for the rest of his life. But while the state is perfecting these laws to keep our children safe, and that will hopefully keep these offenders from having the opportunity to cause any more harm to our children, we STRONGLY believe that these same laws need a more accurate and just classification system. Florida\'s current system for classifying sex offenders, sadly, is desperately lacking. They are not only costing an exorbitant amount in taxpayer\'s dollars, and police manhours unnecessarily, but also taking the rights of innocent men to lead a normal life and provide a safe and stable enviroment for their families and children. Unfortunately, in light of the recent high profile cases in Florida, our legislature has decided to utilize a one size fits all approach to sex offenses. Further, it would appear that law enforcement is responding in a similar manner. Consider these two scenarios: (1) An adult man with a previous history of sexual offenses knowingly, willfully, violently abducts, rapes, and murders an innocent child under the age of twelve. (2) An 18 year old boy meets a 16 year old girl. They engage in CONSENSUAL sex. The girl turns out to be fourteen years old. The girl states that she knowingly mislead the boy about her age, and that all sexual contact between the two of them was 100% CONSENSUAL. Both of these crimes fall under the criminal charge of Lewd and Lascivious with a Child Under/16 years of age. Both of these men are considered Sexual Offenders. The fact that these exact same two scenarios (which are 100% true stories) could be considered anywhere even close to the same type of offense, is appalling and absolutely ludicrous. So, meanwhile, FDLE & all of our state, county & city officers are spending mad time and money to \"keep up\" with this 18 year old boy (and many others in this same situation, some of the testimonies that I have been told are absolutely mind-blowingly ridiculous) there are truly sick sexual offenders walking around only-God-knows-where, doing I-don\'t-even-think-I-could-stomach-to-know what. So why would we (as human beings and, more importantly to some, as taxpayers) support not only these wasted efforts and resources, but also an absolute and total infringement on the civil rights that we are all supposed to have equally, that have now been UNJUSTLY taken away from these teen aged boys (some now men with loving families) for what is clearly a definite lack of judgement by a teenaged boy but by far a \"sexual offense\" Sadly enough, it has come to this, please teach your children and grandchildren that if for some reason they cannot maintain the standard of abstinence, to ask for I.D. before having sex!


Links This is a link to our personal story that our local news station broadcasted when our situation was brought to their attention. There are MANY out there with virtually the same story, some now married to their \"victims\" Thank you so much Glen Selig (FOX 13 News) Preston Rudie (Tampa Bays 10 News) and John Thomas (ABC Action News) for helping us to bring this to light!


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    L. Katharine Yonker, United States

    6 years ago State: FL
    Country: US
    Comments: The woman I know today is an incredible mother, a wonderful friend, a true Christian,and NOT the person she was almost 20 years ago. To continue to punish her is ridiculous!
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    Deborah Winterrowd, United States

    7 years ago State: TX
    Country: US
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    Doris Petrash, United States

    7 years ago State: MS
    Country: US
    Comments: The laws are useless and need to be changed.
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