You Tube, reinstate Adrian "IronGeek" Crenshaw's YT Channel

Adrian "IronGeek" Crenshaw, one of the hardest working volunteers in the Information Security Community, recently had his InfoSec Conference Video Archive taken off-line by Youtube, due to a purported TOS violation. As far as we can tell, the bulk of the violation is directly related to the word "Viagra" being in the title of one of the talks he had recorded. Of course the talk isn't about Viagra and it isn't "Viagra Spam", as YT seems to believe. It's just someone being funny with the title of their talk.

Please help us tell YT that we are NOT OK with them taking down the largest community archive of free InfoSec programming available for research purposes.

Adrian has relentlessly and tirelessly recorded weeks of free programming from dozens of InfoSec conferences throughout the U.S. Although this repository is also available on, the YouTube archives are where most people look first and foremost. Losing this outlet for research and learning is a terrible loss.

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

-= Security BSides Las Vegas, Inc.


  • Derek Callaway Of course passes account confirmation links through a third-party domain's open redirect when new users are logging in for the first time. Try it out for yourself: .The dedication to SPF record syntax in the authoritative DNS zone file _must_ reflect good e-mail policy, right? Nope, I simply registered with a throw-away account. You win again, mailinator!

  • Derek Callaway I second that. It would be a shame for such a beautiful/beneficial resource to disappear. I hope IronGeek has enough disk space to store all those precious videos in case something really does happen in the future! Goggle (sp!) or any major general purpose search engine company for that matter, simply cannot be trusted when it comes to DMCA's. Sometimes I wonder how much of the Internet I'm missing out on due to such accursed litigation.

  • Aniket g33xter I have learnt so many good things about infosec by Irongeek videos. This is just not acceptable to take down his youtube channel. We want it back. #opirongeek

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    8 months ago Comments: Put it back
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    8 months ago Comments: Free the information
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    Malcolm R Smith

    8 months ago Comments: These video have inspired me into joining the info-sec community. These men are hard working and I believe you have made a mistake.
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  • It would seem that #opirongeek was enough to get youtube to reinstate Adrian's channel. We're suspending the petition for now, but will keep it handy, JIC. Thanks to the 21 of you that already signed.
  • We are now live!