Yoteslaya Easter Egg In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Dear Gearbox and 2k Studios,

Yoteslaya brought a FPS audience to the Borderlands franchise and I know myself as well as many others would of never purchase a Borderlands 1 or 2 if not for Yoteslaya's great content hadn't been their to bring in people from theCOD community. Yoteslaya's death was tragic and whether is something along the lines of Michael Mamaril or a unique weapon, it's fitting for him to live onforever in theBorderlands universe.

-Signed The Borderlands Community


  • jS-Founder He deserves it

  • finn this would be so cool

  • Anonymous Yote was my go-to channel for Borderlands 2 content, and I, as many other vault hunters, was deeply saddened by his passing, if he doesnt show as a legendary vendor (which would be awesome), a citizen, or just an easter egg, I'm gonna be looking for the head staff of Gearbox.

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