Shikigami Weapon

Shikigami Weapon's Respawn Time is currently 21 hours to 21 hours, 10 minutes (Earth time), directly from last Time of Death. * Spawns with an innate Invisible effect and moves with a Flee effect while Invisible. It is also capable of warping itself around the zone while Invisible. o This effect only disappears when the NM aggros (due to magic aggro) or links with other Weapons. o If the NM deaggros, it will recast Invisible on itself, and most likely warp itself to a new location. * Appears last in the Wide Scan list. It can be tracked from Wide Scan, but cannot be targeted with /ta until it drops Invisible. * Has and uses all standard Evil Weapon attacks. * Has a minor Auto Regen effect. * Uses the following magic: o Cure IV o Stoneskin o Various types of elemental attack magic (including Tier III spells) * Yinyang Robe has an estimated 30-40% drop rate. we want to make this NM forced pop or raise drop rate to a reasonable level


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