Authors and Academics in support of Yale\'s workers

We stand in solidarity with the workers at Yale who were forced to go out on strike. We call on Yale to: * Sit down with the graduate teachers and researchers of GESO, and work out an agreement on a democratic, fair, fast process for them to decide whether they want to unionize. * Facilitate negotiations between District 1199 and the management of Yale


Cornel West University Professor, Princeton, Department of Religion Jonathan King Professor, MIT, Department of Biology Barbara Ehrenreich Author, Nickel & Dimed Richard Lewontin Professor Emeritus, Harvard, Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology (Send logistical questions to


More news about Yale unions: More news about Yale University and hospital: Connecticut Center for a New Economy: Yale\'s official sites:


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    william Realph, Australia

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    Comments: I have sent this, for you may have the intelligence to know true reality. THERE IS ONLY THREE TRUE AND REAL WAYS TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING AND TO SAVE OUR PLANET. ONE, is to put back what we have take from the ground were it was taken from, because the true and real problem is displacement of the planet. TWO, is to use plants which can make 99.9 percent of human needs without polluting. THREE, is to stop the people letting this happen, your so called representatives. You shall need to represent yourself by stop being lazy and sheep and of course this, The Individual Majority vote Self Government. Citizens must take control of their future by a non corrupted government system to stop most of the issues involving the homeless, poverty, starvation, slavery, child abuse, corruption, wars and the further destruction of this planet. This Individual Majority Vote Self Government system of governing shall give citizens full control of their government departments, lives and their future, no governing system under a democracy or communism has ever given citizens anything just taken from them to support the private sector and themselves for fame and money. This Individual Majority Vote Self Government has been created for citizens as a whole to govern individually all aspects of their government departments within all countries as well as controlling what happens within their country, this means your country will not need the services of your so called representatives. All individual citizens of a country can submit local and national issues of concern to government departments. Government departments shall then be entered within a debate in alphabetical order to solve issues of concern put forward by the citizens and the private sector. Citizens within a debate will put forward three proposals that may solve a issue of concern. Citizens shall then vote on one proposal they think may solve the issue of concern. This Individual Majority Vote Self government has been created because of the high level of corrupt undemocratic political system we have today. If you the citizen do not take control now there will be no future for anyone or anything time to wake up and stop being sheep for time is not on our side anymore, around four years left with one year to change or perish, your call. W.C.Realph. Last Political Party Australia. Last Political Party of Australia for self government by all individuals not politicians.
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    LILIA CAJILOG, United States

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    Comments: I totally support your position regarding the training of current employees instead of new hires.
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