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A petition that you can sign, so that maybe Yahoo! will get better clothes for the avatars, I\'m not doing this as a way to become a designer, though they\'d probably be better off if I was, we want to pick our shoes not have the ones that come with the pants/skirts/shorts/capris, and we want to have clothes that describe us more, we need more choices. Plus, I think it would be decent if you let us pick how our body looks, you\'re doing barbie syndrome, not everyone is that skinny, some are muscular, some are heavier,and last but not least we want to be able to have hats, without having to change our hair, there are some cute hats I\'ll admit, but I have short blond hair, and your making it so we must choose the hair that comes with the hat.


This is a individual that gets angry when things aren\'t right, when you make everyone try to look like barbie. By the way recently I got a e-mail from them because I submitted feedback on the Yahoo!Avatars page and they sent me a letter saying they would put my comments on the \'want\' list, damn pretyped e-mails!


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    Mariah Martinez, United States

    6 years ago
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    caseigh Moody, United States

    7 years ago State: ME
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    jennifer nicholson, United States

    7 years ago State: WA
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    Comments: i feel the same way about the hat and shoe issues. thank you.
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