Microsoft is not trying to fix XBox Live Reward points migration

There was a problem in the migration of the Microsoft Points, which apparantly put a lot of accounts in a "bizarre" state. There a few threads in the forum with supposedly fixes for it, which basically says: "buy games from your XBox", "redeem a gift card", "spend more money", "give us more money".

The support team apparently does not have any tool to fix the problem.
Reward team seems to be working in a silo, and different departments do not exchange information.
Seems renewal Gold status also does not credit rewards points, and VIP status.

These issues hurt the most faithful XBox customers, who spends money month after month, and try to get the best out of the XBox experience.

If you want Microsoft to take these issues seriously and commit resources to fix them, please sign this petition.

There are currently 100 threads per day opened by disappointed consumers.


  • Zombie Woogums I haven't received any rewards in a while. I've been gold for years, just got 12 months and I'm still not VIP...

  • Stephane Monsallier Update 6/13/14: I have been banned from the xbox forum for one day.

  • Vince Atchison Well said, 'bizarre state', 'silo', 'no tool', exactly how I have been discribing it

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  • Update 6/13/14: I have been banned from the xbox forum for one day.
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