bryan singer return and make x-men 4 please.

whilst on the Marvel ultimate alliance 2 website me and some others have decided to plead with bryan singer to return and make x-men 4. this film should likely feature jean rising from the ashes. proffesor xavier returning as patrick stewart. emma frost being a member of the helfire club and also joining the x-men at the end of the film along with magneto. sentinels should be part of the film but as the base model was used in x-men 3 unfortunatly they will have to look similar to nimrod. the hellfire club should be a part of the film who try to ensnare jean but the x-men prevent it and jean kills wyngarde (some people will know his relavence but this could be explained). original cast should return along with storms long hair and physical combat kudos to x-3 for bringing that out in her. rogue should manifest her ms.marvel powers as her stealing ability returns when she is touching ms.marvel in a shopping centre possibly stood in a crowd and touches her arm for a long period of time. (enter flying rogue with strength). i am sure the other mambers of the production team could play with this film and make it 100 times better than our suggestions but we seriously hope this reaches bryan or brett, anyone who has any respect for the x-men and marvel fans alike.


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