WWE: Too Family Friendly?

In recent months, the WWE has continued on their path to make their product more family friendly and because of this, there has been no blading in WWE. Also, when wrestlers have been busted open the "hard way" there have been numerous times where the referee has paused the match in order to put on his gloves and get a towel to clean up the wrestlers blood before allowing the match to move forward. I believe this makes the product look more fake. After all, why is it that all these years, wrestlers were getting busted open constantly and bleeding like a "stuck pig" all over the ring, but nowadays, they may only get a trickle? It also gives us less excitement why the ref is cleaning up the blood, and it makes the match lose it's psycology as the wrestler who's bleeding may have to stop to allow the ref to do this, while the wrestler that isn't bleeding may have to over sell in order to do something while the referee is cleaning up his opponent. My goal is to get enough signatures on this petition to get the WWE to understand that they may be taking the whole "family friendly" thing a little too far, and that there are still older wrestling fans that have been watching for years that believe they are being cheated out of the business that they have grown to love and have put years of watching and dedication in to.


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    Carlos Ibarra, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Ever since the Chris Benoit incident, things have slowly changed for the worse. We're supposed to be watching an intense and overly dramatic match up between two 250-300 pound superstars that want to crush each other for the fans enjoyment. I do not feel the intensity in today's matches and just find them dull and predictable. Please change things back to the great days of the 90s and early 2000s!
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    Laura, United States

    3 years ago Comments: WWE is terrible. Bring back the attitude!
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    paul wells, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Completely agree! Way too kiddy... bring back the hardcore!
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