World Titles Shouldn't Spin

This petition is for all the WWE Fans who are fed up with the WWE Championship belt. The belt is meant to be something of honor, the old belt was held by the truly great wrestlers in the business: Andre, Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerero, Bret Hart, The Rock and the list of greats just goes on. Most recent WWE Belt, excluding the spinner and Rated-R, dates from 2002-2005 And the belt before that dates back to 1963! Those belts had history, those belts had class. So who cares if your making money off of the 12 year olds who love the belt, if they grow up with that then they won't be true wrestling fans. I grew up with the WWE Championship looking like a championship should. Bring it back.


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    "King Enigma", United States

    8 years ago Comments: Rogers...Sammartino...Graham...Hogan...Savage... Austin...Rock...HHH...Hart...Angle...Guerrero...Lesnar...Michaels...Undertaker All those men, whether you loved them or hated them, are bona fide legends. They are responsible for making that company of many monikers- WWWF, WWF, and WWE-a household name. They brought prestige to that title and made it THE belt to hold in this business. And now, we have to sit idly by and watch this two-bit hack who is the personification of "right place, right time" goes and makes a mockery of THE belt at the behest and of the blessing of the WWE. Custom titles are not a new thing, but it was always done with a touch of class. Warrior's custom belt was little more than adding color to the pre-existing belt strap. Austin's "Smokin' Skull" belt still looked like a world title. But this This is just too much. WE as fans were not in any way asking for Vince to "Pimp Our Title". I fail to see how John Cena is a 3-time champion, all of which have been lengthy rigns at that, in 3 years when guys like Undertaker took 20 years to get 5 reigns and almost all were transitional reigns. Is 'Taker "bigger than the belt" Perhaps. However, I come from the school of thought that those most talented in their league, promotion, federation, what have you. Yes, I am more than aware that this is entertainment, but my beliefs still ring true. Cena has shown time after time that he is far from being at home. Vinny Mac, have a heart and sent "The Marine" home-The SmackDown! midcard. He already bastardized the U.S. and WWE titles, so I ask you, whats next Lil' Jon becomes the new RAW GM WWE, take a note from TNA and the one of few things they have done right- Give Us A Respectable Championship, for fuck's sake!
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    Aerandir, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Keep it up Texan!!!
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    Luther Hull, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Get some prestige back into the title.
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