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Dear Comcast, You may not realize this, but wrestling fans make up a large portion of your demographic. We watch World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action, we watch the channels these companies are on, and we order their pay-per-views. In October 2004, World Wrestling Entertainment launched a new Subscription Video On Demand Service titled \"WWE 24/7\", which airs vintage wrestling footage that can only be seen on this service, period. \"Old School\", or classic, wrestling, has a tremendous fan base in both North America and the rest of the world. There are thousands clamoring for this service, and so far we have been met with polite rejection and disregard. No more, we say. We have a voice, and we will be heard. We, the undersigned, demand that Comcast offer WWE 24/7 as a standard offering on all Comcast Digital Cable System Providers. While remaining polite, we, simply put, would like to have a hand in what OUR cable providers offer. We understand there is an extra fee of approximately $7 per month for WWE 24/7, and the undersigned are willing and agreeable to this fair price. We do not care what must take place. We demand WWE 24/7 be offered to all Comcast Digital Cable subscribers as soon as possible. Sincerely, The Undersigned


Any and all wrestling fans, old or new, young or aged, with no bias toward gender, race, or sexual orientation. Even if you are not a wrestling fan and simply would like to be heard by your local cable provider, please sign.


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    Mikael Augustsson, Sweden

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    iopoi ipljp, United States

    7 years ago
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    raymond guerrero, United States

    8 years ago Comments: yes I'm number 51.. back again 1 year later still in naples... I got good news and bad news... well comcast has finaly got wwe 24/7... I was scrollin through my v.o.d. and I saw wwe 24/7 was there... I got very an said to myself finaly... I called to subscibe to it and come to find out... that comcast is faluse advertising... they had the nerver to tell me oh we're sorry neven though u say it on ur screen it not for ur area... I asked why and the reply was not enough people want it in ur area of naples fl its a retirement city... I need not have to put what I said back to him..... all I can say is, is that I'm very pissed off at comcast... and I want the f@#kin wwe 24/7 fast ok!!!!!!!
    State: FL
    Country: US
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