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I'm Antonio Fonseca (a.k.a 35antonio) and I'm a huge WWE Games fan. I've been buying WWE games every year since the very 1st SmackDown vs Raw. In September 2012 I had an accident and became a tetraplegic. Since then I recovered my left arm and a bit of my right arm (except hands). After a couple of months I decided to try playing WWE'12 on my Xbox 360 and later FIFA 13 thanks to the two button control mode. It was hard playing it in the 1st couple of days but after some time, I started getting "used" to it. Now you are probably asking yourselves how I can play WWE'12 only with one arm and "no hand" on my Xbox 360 so here's more information about how I play: I can only click A, X, Y, B, LB, RB and RT one at a time. I obviously can't click 2 thing at the same time, for example: I can't run, I can't grab, I can't enter and exit the ring, I can't climb the apron, I can't choose weapons in Extreme Rules matches, I can't do springboard attacks, I can only do 1 grapple move in each grapple hold (I mean is, I can only do grapple moves pressing only the A button), I can only do 1 turnbuckle grapple move and strike attack, I can do only 1 diving movecan't do running strike attacks, grapple and finishers, I can only do 1 finisher when a superstar has more than 1 finisher in the same position, I can't climb turnbuckles, the apron, ladders, cages and the cell, I can't mash buttons (for submissions and Royal Rumble eliminations), I can't climb the steel cage and Hell in a Cell and I can't do Limb Targenting moves. A good solution to the grapple and submission situation is to put it on the right stick (Just like SvR 11). Please help me and share on twitter this petition with #WWE2K14accessibilitycontrols, @WWEgames and @2KSports so they can hear me and to put a accessibility control mode in the game so I can play and enjoy the badass WWE game that they're making. Thank you



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